Pejman Salemi

Technical & Economical Consultant for Industrial Projects

About Me

Now I am work as Technical & Economical Consultant for Industrial Projects.


Pejman Salemi

Metallurgical and materials engineers

I was born in 1971 in Kermanshah; however I moved along with my father to Tehran the same year because of my father academic career in Mathematics. I lived in Tehran from 1971 to 1974, since then I have lived in Karaj.

In 1999, I married to Dr. Tandis Sarami, and we have a daughter called Negar.

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67 Project's
48 Completed Project
43 Satisfied Costumer
2630 Bicycle

My resume

I have accomplished all my educational courses until M.A. Degree in city of Karaj as explained below:

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work experience

2010 - Up to Now

Sina Group


  • Investment & Technical Advisor to Sina Group Holding Projects
  • Continuous and direct cooperation in following projects:
  • Project Manager for Establishment and Construction of Steel Structure Production Manufactory with Capacity of 2200 tons per month, including the stages from Factory Design, Machineries Selection, Machineries Purchase from China, Turkey & Iran to Designing Factory Structures and Cranes
  • Project Manager for Construction of Buildings for Phase 2 to Phase 4 of Erbil Fruit & Vegetable Center, including Super Markets, 20000 tons fridges, wholesaling, commercial and administrative tower, leisure center, fruit & vegetables alteration industries, research center for training and farms
  • Technically in Charge of Supply and Equipment of 10000 Prefabricated Houses and Schools for Settlement of Iraqi Refugees
  • Technical & Economical Evaluator for Establishment of Industrial Fridges and Fruit & Dried Fruits Dispatching Center in Turkish Mersin Port
  • Technical & Economical Evaluator for Establishment of Dairy Farming and Production of Vermicompost Fertilizer in Iraqi Kurdistan
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  • Technical & Economical Evaluator for Establishment of Beans Packaging, Fruit Sorting and Bestial & Agricultural Product Freezing Factory in Iraqi Kurdistan
  • Design of Commercial & Administrative Buildings in different areas of Iraqi Kurdistan
  • Supply and Export of required products for running projects in Iraqi Kurdistan, including:
    • Purchase & Export of 8000 meters of 4 inch Poly-ethylene pipes for piping of water for Fruit & Vegetable Center in Erbil
    • Purchase & Export of over 4000 meters of Cable Trays & Related Accessories more than 8 trailers in order to supply power for Fruit & Vegetable Center in Erbil
    • Purchase & Export of 140 Automatic Roll-up Doors to be used in Shops for Fruit & Vegetable Center in Erbil
    • Purchase & Export of over 8000 Electronic Hot Water Supply Tanks to be equipped in Iraqi Refugees Camp
    • Purchase & Export of over 350 tons of beans and noodles to supply food for Iraqi Kurd Refugees in recent regional crisis
    • Purchase of Galvanized Color Sheets from China and Industrial Foams from Iran and Exporting them to Iraq
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2005 - 2010

Khavar Press Company


  • Manufactory Manager of Khavar Press Company, managing about 220 staff members (2008 – 2011)
  • Marketing and Sales Manager of Khavar Press Company (2011 – 2013)
  • Continuous and direct cooperation in following projects:
  • Foolad Mobarake Steel Company / Tooka Foolad Steel Company
    • New Segment Support Frame for CCM2
    • Car Dumper for Line 2
    • Ladle Turret & 4 Arms for CCM2
    • New Dryer Station for New Tundish
    • Shift Roller Table for CCM4
    • Segment for CCM2 & 4
    • Porous Plug Nozzle Removing Machine
  Tindish-Tilting-Stand     Salon


  • Zob Ahan Steel Company
    • Construction of Exit Valve for melted steel from blast furnace
  • Iritec Company
    • Upper, Middle & Lower Burden Feeder for SABA Steel Co.
    • Dummy Bar Car for HOSCO.
    • Furnace Supper Steel Structure for KHORASSAN Co.
    • INCONEL Sheet for ARFA Co.
    • Make Up Stand for MSC.
    • 50 m3 Scrap Basket for KHORASSAN Co.
    • Furnace Shell for GHAENAT Co.
    • Furnace Tilting Stand for GHAENAT Co.
    • Spare Part for HOSCO.
    • Stainless Steel Nozzle for Gas Refiner for ARFA Co.

Railcar%20dumpers%20&%20positioners Rotary-Car-Dumper_resized-for-website

  • Pamidco Company
    • Ladle Turret & 4 Arms for BAFGH CCM
  • OTC Middle East Gas Turbines Company
    • Machining of Middle Size Cast-iron Gas Turbines Body
    • Construction and production of Gas Turbine Diffuser Body
  • Specific Machining
    • Machining of Cement Mill Gearbox Plate Bases


Segment1 IMG_9538 1 IMG_1283 1 IMG_1131 1  

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1999 - 2005

Rowshan Sanaat Eng. Co.


  • Production Manager of Rowshan San’at Engineering Company, managing about 22 production staff members
  • Install & Launch Manager of Rowshan Sanaat Engineering Company, managing about 19 staff members
  • Project Manager of design, construction, installment, monitor, launch, operation of 60 tons sand plant project in foundry manufactory of Iran Khodro Company, managing about 75 technical staff members (2002 – 2004)
  • Technical Advisor in construction of Royan Mazandaran Foundry Manufactory (Production Capacity: 5000 tons per year), Negin Gharb Foundry Manufactory (Production Capacity: 6000 tons per year), Pasargad Steel Complex Foundry Manufactory (Production Capacity: 10000 tons per year) from 2004 – 2006
  IMG_1801 1  
  • Technical Advisor in establishment of ISO9000, Series 2000 and Operational Cycle in Rowshan Sanaat Engineering Company
  • Project Manager of foundry project of zinc bullions in Zarin Zinc Zanjan Manufactory (15000 tons per year)
  • Project Manager of foundry project of cast iron bullions in Ardestan Melting Manufactory (20000 tons per year)
  • Project Manager of design, construction, installment and operation of 5 Electric Heat Treatment Furnaces for Syrian Government with capacity of 15 cubic meters
  • Technically responsible for International and National Fairs (GIFA Germany 2003 & 2007) for about 12 times
  • Maintenance Manager of Rowshan Sanaat Engineering Company for its projects in Iran Khodro Company, Saipa Company and Iran Defense Ministry Steel Foundry, managing a total number of 139 technical staff members which includes the following projects:
  1. Maintenance of Body Parts Transfer Lines in Old Painting Hall of Saipa Company, including: various Roller Beds, Roller Tables, Lifts, Industrials Elevators, Air & Land Conveyors , Power & Free Systems, Rotary Tables and Transformers (2005 – 2006)
  2. Maintenance of Body Part Transfer Lines in New Body Hall of Saipa Company, including: various Roller Tables, Lifts, Air & Land Conveyors, Power & Free Systems and Transformers (2005 – 2007)
  3. Maintenance of Body Part Transfer Lines in New Assembly Hall of Saipa Company, including: various Roller Beds, Roller Tables, Vertical Lifters, Air & Land Conveyors, Power & Free Systems and Transformers (2005 – 2007)
  1. Maintenance and Operation of Sand Making Equipment's of BMM Lines in Cylinder Heads and Cast Iron Cylinders Production Line of Iran Khodro Company (1999 – 2007)
  2. Maintenance of Core Making Equipment's, including Mixers, Drying Sand Circuits and Hot Box, Cold Box Core Making & Handling Machines for Iran Khodro which consisted of power, electronic, accurate instrumentation and pneumatic sections (1999 – 2007)
  3. Installment and Operation and Maintenance of Electric Arc & Induction Furnaces for Iran Ministry of Defense, including all boards and PLCs, Power & Command Circuits (2005 – 2006)
  4. Maintenance of all equipment's in Foundry & Carriage Hall #3 of Shahid Sayad Shirazi Ammunition Industries, including: Mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic repairs as well as PLCs, furnace accurate instrumentations, cranes, EMSs, ventilations. (2005 – 2008)

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1997 - 1999

Pole-e Firoozeh Iran Company

  • Technical Manager of molding and machineries in Iran Pol Firooze Manufactory, managing about 10 technical staff members (1997)
  • Production Manager of Iran Pol Firooze Manufactory, managing about 42 production staff members (1997 – 1998)
  • Manufactory Manager of Iran Pol Firooze Manufactory, managing about 53 staff members (1997 – 1998)
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Consultations & Activities

  • Financial & Technical Advisor in Construction of Sepahan Pouya Ferromolybdenum Production Factory with Production Capacity of 120 tons of Ferromolybdenum per year
  • Consulter in Kerman Ferromolybdenum Manufactory (Part of Copper Production Manufactory Retirement Institute) in Development Project of increasing the production of Ferrochrome about 5000 tons in Urzooyeh Area of City of Kerman
  • Middle-East Marketing Manager in Iran Chromit Company
  • Dismantling and transfer of Foundry Line from BMM Foundry Hall in Iran Khodro Company
    Kontaktfreie Temperaturmessung des Flüssigstahls erhöht Produktivität von Lichtbogenöfen: Siemens erweitert Einsatzspektrum seines RCB-Systems / Contact-free measurement of the liquid steel temperature increases productivity of electric arc furnaces:

1995 - 1997

Other Service

  • In charge of Furnace & Analysis with production capacity of 2000 kilograms of accurate foundry parts (1995)
  • Accurate foundry workshop manager, managing about 35 staff members (1996)
20131023172622_256 Kontaktfreie Temperaturmessung des Flüssigstahls erhöht Produktivität von Lichtbogenöfen: Siemens erweitert Einsatzspektrum seines RCB-Systems / Contact-free measurement of the liquid steel temperature increases productivity of electric arc furnaces: molten_steel

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Education experience


Official Expert of Justice

In 2009, I attempted to become Official Expert of Justice in field of Metals, and hopefully I’ve managed to achieve it by 2014; since then I’ve begun my activities as Official Expert of Justice in field of Metals .   1

IMG_5287 IMG_5286 IMG_5288 IMG_5289

 IMG_5316 Official Expert of Justice; Recognition & Detection of Ferrous Metals and its related technologies; Recognition & Detection of Non-Ferrous Metals and its related technologies; Recognition & Detection of High-Value Metals; Processing, extraction and construction; Recognition & Detection of all kinds of tanks, store pits, industrial store pits, all types of Hyper; Recognition & Detection of all kinds of Box Feeders; Construction & Installment; Related Timing; Recognition & Detection and Evaluation of Final Cost; Recognition & Detection of all kinds of Steel & Iron Structures; Construction & Installment Timing; Destruction Process; Recognition & Detection & Evaluation of all kinds of carriage and forging parts; Welding & Bolts; Official Expert in Legal Claims between Contractors and Clients; Official Expert in Legal Claims by Organizations; Official Expert in Legal Claims by Private Sector; Official Expert in Legal Claims by Semi-Governmental Organization; Official Expert in Pricing and Damage Estimation; Official Expert in Legal Claims regarding Pricing & Damage Trend.   Pejman Salemi

2005 - 2008


Tehran Industrial Management Organization

Achieved my M.A in MBA from Tehran Industrial Management Organization from 2005 to 2008     IMI_10

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1988 - 1993


Metallurgy & Material Engineering

Achieved my B.A. in Metallurgy & Material Engineering, Foundry Branch, from Islamic Azad University of Karaj; Entrance Year: 1988   0%20(13)   3592615d52bb-ed32-4293-a51b-94caa64d7db3          

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1987 - 1989

High School


Finished the 3rd and 4th year of High School in Dehkhoda High School in Karaj     IMG_3509   IMG_3510        

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1985 - 1987

First Two Years of High School

Shahid Motahari

Finished the first two years of High School in Shahid Motahari High School in Gohardasht Area     2721

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1982 - 1985

Secondary School

Shahid Abbaspoor

Finished Secondary School in Shahid Abbaspour Secondary School located again in Mehrvila Area

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1977 - 1982

Primary School


Finished Primary School in Mehregan Primary School located in Mehrvila Area

1997 - 2014

Training Courses


Course Title Course Period Held by

Certificate Year

1 Industrial Automation 7 Days Iran Festo 2002
2 Industrial Power 900 Hours Technical Center 2003 – 2004
3 Japanese Quality Management 3 Days Iran Foundry Associations 2000
4 ISO Internal Audit 7 Days Tuff Rain Land 2002
5 Operational Cycle Management 240 Hours Organization of Industrial Renovations 2005 – 2006
6 International ICDL Certificate 240 Hours Industrial Management Organization 2005 – 2006
7 SPC 100 Hours SAPCO 1997
8 ISO Requirements 3 Days Behine Garan Keyfiat 2004
8 Precautionary Maintenance 4 Days Industrial Management Organization 2005
10 PLC Basics 7 Days Gheshm Voltage 2005
11 Comprehensive Operational Management 130 Hours Industrial Management Organization 2006
12 Marketing and Market Detection and its Role in Internal Business 185 Hours Industrial Management Organization 2008
13 9001-2008 ISO Internal Audit 2 Days Iran Tuff Academy 2009
14 9001-2008 ISO Requirements 2 Days Iran Tuff Academy 2009
15 Marketing Management 175 Hours Industrial Management Organization 2009
16 General Management 240 Hours Industrial Management Organization 2010

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Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.

Peter Drucker

I am good at

Based on my 21 years of experience in Industrial & Investment activities in different companies and implementation of various regional projects, I can express my skills as such.

  • Contract Negotiation 85%
  • Team Leadership 95%
  • Project Manager 97%
  • Product Development 90%
  • Strategic Planer 90%
  • Marketing Strategy 85%

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"Design is hard work. Striving for design excellence is even harder."

-Archie Boston

What I Can Provide

  • Official Expert of Justice
  • Metal & Welding Expert, Price Estimation for Auctioned Products
  • Technical Consultancy for Industrial Investment Projects
  • Technical & Economical Consultancy for Projects
  • Evaluation of Industrial Projects
  • Consultancy for Investment in Iraq
  • Feasibility Study of Industrial Projects
  • Design and Construction of Foundry Manufactory as well as Steel Structure Manufactory
  • Export to Iraqi Kurdistan



Be certain that you are going to be satisfied best articles online with the outcome before you pay anything.

Work Process


Business Plane

Master Plane




My Vision

Today’s complicated life is renovating every moment and creativity plus innovation are the essential needs for today’s active human life.

In order to create happiness and dynamism in life, men need innovations and initiatives, so that it can satisfy its adventurous needs. In order to stay alive and escape form death and stagnation, humanity needs evolution, innovation and movement. It is us who can choose the right path among different unstable and unpleasant roads and turn the threats ahead into opportunities.

Today, the motto “Expiration is awaiting you, unless you are creative & innovative” is encountered by all decision makers and managers of all organizations.

The feel of the need to progress and improve is the engine to movements and evolutions; the more the need is felt, the faster and the harder the engine run toward the pre-designated supreme goals.

Opportunities are hidden just like the pearls in shells. Those who search deeper to find them, by taking the risks and dangers and undergoing extra hard works, will find higher quality pearls.

Pejman Salemi

I'm not a genius. I'm just a tremendous bundle of experience.

Pejman Salemi

My Blog

In this section I am trying to provide access to all my personal written activities, researches and contents in different categories. I hope this would be useful. Pejman Salemi

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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

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On different occasions and in case needed, some contents may cross my mind which I will put in this section under “papers” for everyone to use.

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Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference

Winston Churchill


To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often

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